The Commercial Platinum Makeover Package

Competition is tough and making your commercial property stand out in the crowd can be a full-time job. Platinum Window Cleaning & Pressure Washing is one of the best and most experienced commercial cleaning companies in the Denver metro area, and we enhance the exterior and interior of your property with a wide array of services and features. The Platinum Makeover Package allows you to utilize a full array of our services, enhancing the appearance of your building or facility, and maintaining the professionalism that attracts your customers.

We deliver stunning makeovers to many types of buildings around Denver, including:

  • Office buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Retail store fronts
  • Shopping plazas
  • Multifamily units
  • Malls
  • Parking garages
  • Warehouses

We are experienced in detailing these features:

  • Restoring front entrances
  • Sparkling windows
  • Flawless sidewalls
  • Debris-free walkways
  • Vibrant signage
  • Clean parking lots
  • Restored curbing
  • Renewed illars

The pressure washing services that we provide allows us to remove dirt, cobwebs, and bird feces that build up on buildings and property over time. Our professionals are trained to remove black film buildup or road grime, graffitti, mineral and lime stains, old paint, and any stains that tarnish your building or concrete areas that surround your business. These can appear from the wear-and-tear of foot traffic over time, as well as from normal city pollution.

The awnings and signage that adorn your business can be difficult to reach, but our team of professionals provide a deep cleaning service that removes the buildup of stains and marks.The professional cleaning service you will receive will restore your building or property to an optimal state with a renewed, enticing appearance. We have decades of experience with beautifying the businesses and property throughout Denver and the surrounding areas. 

Our professional team is prepared to give your building or property the makeover it deserves. Contact us today!